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Switchfoot and Livehouse at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles 9/9

Lifehouse & Switchfoot:

Looking for Summer Tour 2017

 IMG_9393 copy

Let’s start off by saying that watching Switchfoot perform at the Greek Theatre is a complete unique experience all on its own, for this show specifically they closed the Pit off and had the  fans seated as close as possible to the stage.

If you have never been to the Greek Theatre by the Griffith Park, then you are missing out an amazing intimate event/show with any band/show you have the chance to attend. In this situation, no matter where you sit, the screens are on the sides and in front so that everyone can see. The sound engineering is loud and even on all sides, which makes everything feel like you’re closer than you really are. When you take a moment to look around, you find yourself feeling poetic as the sun (if it’s day), or moon and stars are clearly above you.

Which brings me to this- If you’re a fan of the 90’s like myself, than this event alone was a must. Two amazing alternative bands from the 90’s touring together Switchfoot and Lifehouse.

A few highlights from Sept 9


IMG_9383 copy

When Switchfoot came out, the crowd went wild; frontman Jon Foreman thanked the people for coming, but more importantly wanted everyone to thank the Los Angeles Fire Department  for helping us with the fire that happened  in Aug 30- Sept2 (Las Tunas Canyon all the way through Burbank).

One of my favorite songs “Live it Well,” was performed, but not before giving out a message to everyone that life is too short to not live it well. Jon then asked everyone to put their arms on the strangers next to them and to sway together. As they began to play the song,  we all began to look at each other from above the seats to the lowest, all I saw was smiles and how peaceful everyone seemed.

Jon Forman takes a moment to tell everyone that his newsfeeds have been negative recently on social media, and it was important for everyone to know that his music was to give hope. He imagined the maker up above with tears in his eyes shaking his head. With that being said, he asked everyone to turn their light on from their phones and to raise them up to the sky as they were to perform  a love song. “I Won’t Let You Go.”


For their next song, they brought out Jason Wade from Lifehouse to sing along to their last song “Dare You to Move.” Everyone was heard singing along, and screaming in excitement. This was such an amazing show, and will most likely be talked about for times to come. It’s amazing how much heart and passion can be seen as they play live.

They ended their show thanking everyone that donated to SHINE LIKE GOLD, and to keep spreading the word as donations are for Houston to all those who were affected by  Hurricane Harvey.

If you or anyone would like to also donate or simply share the information here is the info click on link!

To close the night, out finally came, Lifehouse! Another intense and heartfelt band from the 90’s.

IMG_9486 copy

You could hear everyone screaming naming out the musicians and jumping. As I turned around to see the people it brought me such an incredible feeling as I saw all generations in the crowd. Teenagers as well as Parents with toddlers,  couples in their 20’s – 60’s and such diverse ethnicities.

On their 3rd song, Jason Wade jumped down and performed the rest of the song in the crowd walking all the way to the center of the stage. Bryce and Steve took the opportunity to take over the stage bonding with the crowd from one side to the other. Rick on drums couldn’t stop smiling at times, how can anyone not with such a welcoming crowd. Everyone’s performance was as if they hadn’t played in a very long time, you could feel the beat of the drums to the chords of the bass or guitar. Perhaps, that’s why the 90’s impacted so many of us.

To make things even more insane after a few more songs, Bryce jumped on vocals and did one hell of an amazing cover from U2 “Pride (In the name of Love).” It all happened so fast that he in excitement got clipped on the face and bled throughout the song, a part of me wondered if Bryce even felt it. What a rockstar to pull through without even flinching or caring to notice. I will say, that it had everyone cheering him on even more, including myself!

With that being said, tonight was one for the memories!

For more images from this show check out the gallery.


Words and pictures by Angelica Ulloa


For Tour Dates or more info on Switchfoot please visit:

For Lifehouse visit:

“FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK: The story of Rodrigo y Gabriela”

FTATR poster
A few months ago, I had the honor of being invited to the premiere of “FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK: The story of Rodrigo y Gabriela” during the Hola Mexico Film Festival by its director, founder and good friend, Samuel Douek (who happens to be a fellow metal fan)

The festival runs for about 10 days and is hosted at Regal Cinemas/LA Live complex in Downtown LA. A few members of our magazine were present at the premiere of the movie and were able to chat with music journalist and movie director, Alejandro Franco which was also followed by a Q&A.

Rockers, Mom’s, dads and music lovers all around were present, although many had never heard the name of the duo, they were just present for the love to the 7th art. After the movie, we interviewed a few attendees and all were very pleased with the story told, despite not being rock music fans.

FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK: The story of Rodrigo y Gabriela is a documentary about the “Cinderella Story” as many have described it. It depicts how two “unsuccessful” metal musicians just drop everything, pack their bags and search for new opportunities in… *drum roll” Europe! With (literally) only their dreams and guitars at hand, through busking busking on the streets, lots of effort and a hint of “luck”, this guitar duo made it big by rocking their acoustic guitars first on the streets followed by massive concerts and venues such as the Glasgow Festival and more recently here in LA on August 14th at the Hollywood Bowl, yeah, “the bowl” as many of us call it. Not bad for a pair of “unknowns” right?

The story of Rodrigo y Gabriela is compelling and inspirational. It resonates with all those of us in the music community that strive everyday to master our craft and create art that has taken sweat, tears and even blood to share with the world to enjoy. If you are not inspired to keep chasing your dreams and taking risks to make them happen after watching this film, you may not be of our human kind.

Opening today, August 22nd 2016, in 50 movie theaters in Mexico, we hope to see this documentary make its way to a few US theaters as well. You can also visit for more info and social media links.
Words and Interview by photojournalist Enrique Nunez

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Kamelot with DragonForce in Anaheim May 15, 2015

Kamelot had special guests- DragonForce open up and tour along. From the very first song, they went all out, getting the crowd pumped, winning over all kinds of new fans, and leaving old ones with a night to remember.

IF there is one thing about Kamelot that people will talk about, is their performance. Not only does the crowd sing along to, but they can be seen jumping and screaming along to their music, they leave the crowd with an adrenaline whether you’re sober or not. Kamelot returned to North American to tour in support of their new album Haven- to order please visit:

Stay tuned for more details and interview with Kamelot on our next issue, with selected images and interview by Michael Mullenix. 


23 Kamelot - Grove Of Anaheim 2015 4

Meanwhile  relive the moment, or see for yourself what you missed out on with these images provided by Michael Mullenix.


Be sure to catch these guys on a tour near you. Their North American tour is not done yet! There’s still dates you can catch them on if near you.

11053906_1056092737734297_372608941284960012_nBe sure to check out their latest KAMELOT Making Of INSOMNIA – Behind The Scenes

and for the official KAMELOT – Insomnia (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Who is Kamelot?

Thomas Youngblood – guitars.

Casey Grillo – drums.

Oliver Palotai – keyboards.

Sean Tibbetts – bass.

Tommy Karevik – vocals.



Words by Angelica Ulloa

3/17/15 Soulive w/Chris Robinson Brooklyn Bowl -NY

This gallery contains 1 photo.


See Slideshow for more pictures!

Photos by: Joe Russo






Anberlin release new album Lowborn

Release New Album, lowborn!


#1 Alternative & #6 Top 10 iTunes Charts


Purchase on iTunes, Here:

Oct 9 | House of Blues | Los Angeles, CA 

Oct 10 | House of Blues | Anaheim, CA


Featured on A.V. Club, Here:


Featured on USA Today, Here:


Featured on, Here:

July 22nd, 2014 – Anberlin is excited to announce the release of their new and final album, lowborntoday July 22nd, 2014lowbornhas already charted at #1 Alternative and #6 Top 10 overall on iTunes. The band has recently been featured on the likes of A.V. ClubUSA Today, and around the release. lowborn brings Anberlin full circle as it has been released via Tooth & Nail, the first record label to which Anberlin was signed. Instead of recording the album together, the musicians did their parts with separate producers they each selected. Drums were recorded with Matt Goldman in Atlanta and later combined with bass and guitar in Lakeland, FL with Copeland’s Aaron Marsh. Vocals were recorded with the band’s longtime collaborator Aaron Sprinkle in Franklin, TN. For more information, please visit:

Consisting of Stephen Christian (vocals), Joseph Milligan (guitar), Deon Rexroat (bass), Nathan Young (drums), and Christian McAlhaney (guitar), Anberlin have been a band for 12 years. The rock group formed in central Florida in 2002 and have released six innovative and sincere albums that have affected fans in deeply emotional ways. lowborn will be the band’s seventh and final full-length.

“Usually breakups happen quickly and suddenly, an implosion of sorts,” McAlhaney says. “What is unique about the end of Anberlin is that we discussed where people were at in their lives, what that meant for the band, and then made plans for the end on our own terms.” lowborn reflects true artistic freedom for the band, who felt liberated from any sort of expectation or pressure. “I wanted to enjoy the creative process one more time, with no restrictions, no one breathing down my neck for a single,” Christian says. “Just unadulterated creative freedom.”

The musicians started collecting new material at the end of last year. The idea was not to crank out as many songs as possible but to actually focus on crafting solidly good ideas that melded each musician’s individual tastes and influences. “We were really honest with each, probably more so than in the past,” Young says. “You have to come to a point where, with different opinions, there’s no right or wrong. There was a fearlessness which was really freeing and exciting for all of us. To just not have to think about anything else except what’s the best thing for the song.” Some of the album’s lyrics address the band’s end and history. “I know there are going to be a lot of questions as to why we decided to break up and I explain it all in the song ‘Atonement,'” Christian says. “And I want to make sure that the our fans and friends know that we will always remember them, and the moments spent with them were some of the greatest of my entire life. I tried to convey that in the song ‘Harbinger.'” Another track, “Stranger Ways,” first appeared in demo form in the band’s farewell video earlier this year. 


Each musician has plans for the future after Anberlin, some concrete and some vague, some musical and some not. Those plans, in various ways, will be revealed in the coming months. For everyone, this is a celebration of what has been achieved rather than the mourning of a loss. “This is the end of an era of my life,” Rexroat says. “A long and great era. It also means a new beginning. It’s overwhelming to think about filling all my time with something new, but it’s also exciting.”

Anberlin released their final album, lowborn, today, July 22nd, 2014 via Tooth & Nail Records. Purchase the album on iTunes, here: The release is to be followed by a farewell world tour with tour dates listed below.


For more information, please visit:





Track Listing:

  1. We Are Destroyer
  2. Armageddon
  3. Stranger Ways
  4. Velvet Covered Brick
  5. Atonement
  6. Birds Of Prey
  7. Dissenter
  8. Losing It All
  9. Hearing Voices
  10. Harbinger

Tour Dates:


The Final Tour:

More Dates TBA


8/29                  Bar Opiniao                                                       Porto Alegre, Brazil

8/30                  Music Hall                                                         Curitiba, Brazil

8/31                  Carioca Club                                                     Sao Paulo, Brazil

9/3                    Metropolis                                                         Fremantle, Australia

9/4                    The Gov                                                            Adelaide, Australia

9/6                    The Hifi                                                             Brisbane, Australia

9/7                    The Roundhouse                                              Sydney, Australia

9/9                    The Forum                                                        Melbourne, Australia

9/10                  170 Russell *NTFP In Its Entirety*                    Melbourne, Australia

9/12                  Tab                                                                   Singapore, Singapore

9/13                  SM Skydome                                                    Quezon City, Philippines

10/6                  The Press Room                                               Phoenix, AZ

10/7                  House of Blues                                                  San Diego, CA

10/9                 House of Blues                                                  Los Angeles, CA

10/10               House of Blues                                                  Anaheim, CA

10/11                The Regency                                                     San Francisco, CA

10/13                Showbox Market                                                Seattle, WA

10/14                Wonder Ballroom                                               Portland, OR

10/15                Knitting Factory                                                 Spokane, WA

10/17                The Complex                                                     Salt Lake City, UT

10/18                Summit Music Hall                                             Denver, CO

10/20                Varsity Theater                                                  Minneapolis, MN

10/21                House of Blues                                                  Chicago, IL

10/23                Emo’s                                                                Austin, TX

10/24                House of Blues                                                  Dallas, TX

10/25                House of Blues                                                  Houston, TX

11/3                  St. Andrew’s Hall                                                Detroit, MI

11/4                  The Ready Room                                               St. Louis, MO

11/5                  The Cannery                                                      Nashville, TN

11/7                  Fillmore                                                             Silver Spring, MD

11/8                  The NorVa                                                         Norfolk, VA

11/10                Newport Music Hall                                            Columbus, OH

11/11                Theatre of Living Arts                                         Philadelphia, PA

11/12                House of Blues                                                  Boston, MA

11/13                Irving Plaza                                                       New York, NY

11/15                Theatre of Living Arts                                         Philadelphia, PA

11/16                Irving Plaza                                                       New York, NY

11/17                Gramercy Theatre *Cities In Its Entirety*           New York, NY

11/18                Phoenix Concert Hall                                         Toronto, Canada

11/19                House of Blues                                                  Cleveland, OH

11/21                The Fillmore                                                      Charlotte, NC

11/22                Center Stage                                                     Atlanta, GA

11/24                Revolution                                                         Fort Lauderdale, FL

11/25                Jannus Live                                                       St. Petersburg, FL

11/26                House of Blues – FINAL SHOW                         Orlando, FL

WHO: Anberlin


WHERE: House of Blues | 8430 Sunset Blvd | Los Angeles, CA


WHEN: October 9th | Doors: 7pm | $25 | All Ages



WHERE: House of Blues | 1530 S Disneyland Dr | Anaheim, CA
WHEN: October 10th | Doors: 7pm | $25 | All Ages




GUS G. and LYNAM announce west coast tour dates

OZZY OSBOURNE / FIREWIND guitarist GUS G. and LYNAM announce west coast tour dates; GUS G. launches new video for “Blame It On Me” 


OZZY OSBOURNE / FIREWIND guitarist GUS G. and Birmingham, AL rockers LYNAM will be teaming up for a string of west coast dates in October! GUS G. will be supporting his debut solo album, I Am The Fire, and LYNAM will be supporting their newest release,Halfway To Hell. The dates kick off October 15th in Los Angeles, CA at the world famous Whisky a Go Go and mark GUS’ first solo band appearances in North America.

GUS G. comments: “I’m very excited to play my first solo shows in North America! Expect a killer set-list with songs from my debut solo album ‘I Am The Fire’, as well as material from FIREWIND, OZZY and some surprises! I’m putting a killer band together for this short run and Mats Leven will be handling vocal duties! 
Also, I’m very happy to team up with LYNAM– they’re a killer hard rock band, and their singer Jacob Bunton co-wrote with me and sang a song on ‘I Am The Fire’. See you all out there!”

See below for upcoming dates; tickets can be purchased here:

GUS G. and LYNAM tour dates
Oct. 15 – The Whisky a Go Go – Los Angeles, CA
Oct. 17 – Count’s Vamped – Las Vegas, NV
Oct. 18 – Ramona Mainstage – Ramona, CA
Oct. 19 – Club Red – Tempe, AZ

GUS G.’s I Am The Fire was released in North America on March 18th via Century Media Records. A new video for the album track, “Blame It On Me”, can be viewed here:

GUS G. handles all guitar, bass and keyboards on I Am The Fire, and is joined by a roster of friends and guests that helped bring his vision to fruition: drummers Jeff Friedl (A PERFECT CIRCLE, PUSCIFER, DEVO) and Daniel Erlandsson (ARCH ENEMY), bassists David Ellefson (MEGADETH), Billy Sheehan (MR. BIG, DAVID LEE ROTH) and Marty O’Brien (TOMMY LEE, WE ARE THE FALLEN), and vocalists Mats Leven (CANDLEMASS, ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN/THERION), Blake Allison (DEVOUR THE DAY), Michael Starr (STEEL PANTHER), Alexia Rodriguez (EYES SET TO KILL), Tom S. Englund (EVERGREY), Jacob Bunton (ADLER) and Jeff Scott Soto (TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, ex-JOURNEY). The album showcases a well-balanced mix of active rock, classic hard rock, traditional metal and guitar-driven instrumentals, taking listeners on a diverse journey through GUS G.’s soulful playing.

To purchase the album, please visit iTunes for a digital copy or CM Distro for a variety of physical formats. For another preview of I Am The Fire, be sure to check out the following videos:
–“My Will Be Done (feat. Mats Leven of CANDLEMASS, ex-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN/THERION)” music video
–“I Am The Fire (Feat. DEVOUR THE DAY)” music video
I Am The Fire EPK
I Am The Fire track-by-track
–“Long Way Down” tutorial video
–“I Am The Fire” tutorial video

LYNAM’s Halfway To Hell was produced by Jacob Bunton and Jason Elgin (COLLECTIVE SOUL, MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER, TERRIBLE THINGS) and released on December 17th, 2013 via New Ocean Media. A video for the first single, “Cold”, can be viewed here:

GUS G. online:

LYNAM online:


Arctic Monkeys in Ontario June 21, 2014

Contract photographer


WHERE · Molson Canadian Amphitheatre
WHEN · Saturday, June 21 @ 7:30 PM

The Arctic Monkeys are a band you should never miss out on watching live, not only because of their performance, but because you connect to their music so much more live. 

The lighting was perfect for shooting, which thanks to Igor you can watch the expressions on the artists. They surprised us before playing their solo with a Black Sabbath’s -War Pigs. 

Enjoy these live shots by Igor Vidyashev

Setlist for Arctic Monkeys at The Molson Canadian Amphitheatre, Toronto – June 21, 2014
1 – Do I Wanna Know?
2 – Snap Out Of It
3 – Arabella (with a bit of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs)
4 – Brianstorm
5 – Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair
6 – Dancing Shoes
7 – Library Pictures
8 – Crying Lightning
9 – Knee Socks
10 – My Propeller
11 – I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
12 – Fireside
13 – No. 1 Party Anthem
14 – Suck It And See
15 – Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?
16 – Fluorescent Adolescent
17 – 505
18 – One For The Road
19 – I Wanna Be Yours
20 – R U Mine?
if you haven’t yet, watch their newest video 
and for more tour dates please visit:
Be sure to get our next issue of Rock N Roll Industries Magazine for the official review with more pictures!



Band Has Been “In The Basement” Digging Up Additional Repertoire
For Run Set To Commence May 30th In Friant, CA
Nashville, TN — 3 Doors Down has announced Summer plans that feature additional “3 Doors Down Acoustic – Songs From The Basement” dates fueled by public demand alongside select plugged in electric dates at festivals in select markets.  Fans have embraced and celebrated the band’s acoustic touring since they first began staging these performances in January featuring deep cuts and hits from their catalog of songs.  Over the last few months, they have been “in the basement” digging up more gems to perform on these upcoming shows alongside their biggest hits.   Limited VIP tickets featuring on stage seating will be made available offering the rare chance to “sit in the basement with the band” in this intimate, live setting.  Singer Brad Arnold shares, “The acoustic shows are a blast, and we have an amazing connection with our fans during the performances. We are excited to get back out on the road and play these songs for the rest of America!”  Arnold has posted a video coinciding with this announcement:
Brad Arnold, Chris Henderson, and the members of 3 Doors Down have assembled in a Nashville studio to begin writing songs for their sixth studio album to be released in 2015.  Alongside the founding members, the new repertoire is a collective effort with all members participating in the writing process.
On June 28 & 29, 3 Doors Down will appear at the Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan for Freedom Fest.  They will also perform on the 4th of July at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor – Hickman in Oahu, HI.  The band has repeatedly committed their energies to supporting the troops across the globe.  This marks the 3 Doors Down’s return to the Islands, having performed at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii on July 5, 2008 in Honolulu.  The Okinawa visit marks their first show in Japan.
Confirmed appearances include:
5/30     Friant, CA                               Table Mountain Casino *
5/31     Temecula, CA                         Lake Skinner Regional Park* (Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival)
6/03     Coquitlam, BC                        Hard Rock Casino Vancouver
6/04     Prince George, BC                  CN Centre
6/06     Calgary, AB                            Cowboys
6/07     Bonnyville, AB                       C2 Flint Field House
6/09     Regina, SK                              Casino Regina Show Lounge
6/10     Winnipeg, MB                        Club Regent Casino – Event Center
6/11     Apple Valley, MN                  Weesner Amphitheater
6/14     Las Vegas, NV                       “Rock Of Vegas” – Fremont Street Experience*
6/28     Okinawa, Japan                      Kadena Air Base*
6/29     Okinawa, Japan                      Kadena Air Base*
7/04     Oahu, HI                                 Joint Base Pearl Harbor – Hickman*
7/12     Springfield, MO                      Gillioz Theater
7/13     Cedar Rapids, IA                    The Paramount Theatre
7/15     Chicago, IL                              House of Blues
7/18     Oshkosh, WI                           Rock USA*
7/19     Goshen, IN                             Elkhart County Fair*
7/20     Norfolk, NE                            MusicFest 2014 – DeVent Center*
7/23     Lewiston, NY                         Artpark – Outdoor Amphitheater*
7/24     Jim Thorpe, PA                      Penn’s Peak
7/26     Readington, NJ                       Quick Chek Festival of Ballooning*
7/27     Hyannis, MA                          Cape Cod Melody Tent
7/29     Westbury, NY                        The Space at Westbury
7/30     Cohasset, MA                         South Shore Music Circus
8/01     Newport, RI                           Newport Yachting Center
8/02     Hampton Beach, NH              Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
8/03     Portland, ME                          Maine State Pier
8/05     Hershey, PA                           The Hershey Theatre
8/07     Cincinnati, OH                        Taft Theatre
8/08     Washington, MO                    Washington Town & Country Fair*
8/17     Durham, NC                           Durham Performing Arts Center
8/19     Charlotte, NC                         The Fillmore Charlotte
8/20     Norfolk, VA                            The Norva
8/23     Durant, OK                             Choctaw Event Center*
8/24     Midland, TX                           Wagner Noël Performing
8/26     Corpus Christi, TX                 Selena Auditorium
8/27     Pharr, TX                                Pharr Entertainment Center
8/29     Charenton, LA                        Pavilion at Cypress Bayou Casino
8/30     Beaumont, TX                        Jefferson Theater
8/31     Abilene, TX                            Paramount Theatre
9/03     Lake Buena Vista, FL             House of Blues
9/05     Tampa, FL                              Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
9/06     Fort Myers, FL                        Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall
9/07     Jacksonville, FL                      Florida Theatre
9/10     Atlanta, GA                            Tabernacle
9/11     Louisville, KY                         Palace Theatre
9/13     Hutchinson, KS                      Kansas State Fair*




                                 RIDE FOR DIME & MR CREEPY TEAM UP


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SOLD OUT show with David & Olivia 2/7/14

On Friday, it was with pleasure to come out to The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano to hang out with duo
David & Olivia and guest guitarist Tom Bremer, before they opened for Los Lonely Boys.  The show was sold out,
and so far was the biggest audience that I’ve seen the two play to. 

-Lan Nguyen



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