Skilletʼs “Unleashed” tour

Los Angeles, Ca
March 09, 2017
The Belasco Theater


With numerous sold out dates, the second leg of Skilletʼs “Unleashed” tour is now on the last dates until the Little Rock, AR show on March 24th marks the end of the line for this run. The band will have numerous major festival appearances yet marking another milestone of their already successful career as one of the most hard-working bands in rock and one of the most acclaimed and award-winning Christian bands in history. During the Belasco show, we witnessed the vast diversity of Skilletʼs fan base. From Young kids who attended the show with their parents to the teens and adults who feel identified with their message and positive energy.


Do not be fooled, seeing kids and moms in the crowd does not mean you wonʼt have a rocking good time. Everything from their anthem-like songs to the music-synced lighting (awesome job lighting guy) and energy displayed through each and every one of their upbeat songs makes the purchase your ticket one of the most memorable and satisfying investments when it comes to rock shows.


“Unconventional” is probably one of my favorite words to describe Skilletʼs shows. John Cooper (Vocals/bass) during certain songs drops his instrument to focus on the mic only and get closer to the crowd, Korey Cooper will steal your attention on stage right switching between guitars, keys and backup vocals, this dynamic duo (marriage) is one of my favorite aspects as pillars of the band. Seth Seth Morrison on stage left is in charge of the leads (guitar) and his charm (I noticed) had some of the young crowdʼs attention who prefer the 6-string performers and last but not least, miss Jen Ledger, in the back on the drums who can not only hit those skins and cymbals with some fierce power but also takes a break from her duty to sing and lead vocals for a few minutes and who also adds backup vocals during various songs in their set.


The meet and greet experiences (available as an upgrade) have become a fan- favorite opportunity to have a photo opportunity with their rock n roll heroes.


To name all the awards and nominations this band has been part of reflects the quality of not only their dedication as performers but also as people that bring a positive message to the crowd with their music… or a rocking attitude with tons of feel-good sounds.

Visit for the remaining dates and make sure you upgrade your experience for the meet and greet opportunities.

By Enrique Nuñez

Lamb of God tour kickoff in Canada

Lamb of God, Killswitch Engage, Testament and Huntress are touring together and they’re kicking it off right here in Toronto at Kool Haus. This is Lamb of God’s last national “Resolution” tour so it could be your last chance until their next album.
Randy Blythe has nothing to prove to his fans but he made a plea to the moshers and bodysurfers to take care of anyone who falls. He has nothing to prove to Canadians but he honoured us by waving the Maple Leaf around with thanks and respect for being the first and only country to give the band 2 gold records. He also had nothing to prove to Toronto as this historic tour blasts off here, but when he asked how many came the sold out Kool Haus from out of town, the cheer was twice as loud as the locals.
This five hour show left ears bleeding and eyes melted. Huntress had no time to consume her prey. Her wailing shreeks and kick ass band left a molten mass of flesh on the floor. Testament answered with ferocious prayers for the full house. Thrashing beats and shredding solos at every turn of the page. Killswitch Engage left the masses moshing and chanting to End Of The Heartache. Their stage presence was wild at heart, slick and tight. Lamb of God was exquisite. Their sound – immaculate; Visuals – hypnotic. Messages of anti-fear, hate, power, abuse and ruin. Anti-war movies and memorials for fallen soldiers.
Slash said, “Lamb of God is not a household name…but they’re one of the biggest heavy metal bands around” in Lamb of God’s trailer for the new documentary: As The Palaces Burn.
Even though Randy Blythe was acquitted of the manslaughter charges in Prague, the situation was emotionally and financially bankrupting. The bands are doing this for the lowest possible cost, so get up and go horns high! Please Stage Dive and Mosh responsibly!

*Check out the current issue (Issue 9) for our interview with Jill of Huntress who is also featured as our centerfold

Photos by Igor “RockXposure” Vidyashev

Iron Maiden at the Battle of San Bernardino

My Maiden week started with the Iron Maiden fan club pre-party on Wednesday night with the best Maiden tribute I know that hails from Vegas, Aces High and then seeing the “real deal” on Thursday night in Las Vegas. This was the first time Maiden has played here in 13 years. The show was sold out thanks to fans from all over the planet to a tune of about 10,000+ people. It was an amazing show with a killer set list. Then I went on to Cali on Friday night to see the Battle of San Bernardino festival with 7 bands in the searing heat. I made it to see Anthrax, Megadeth and of course Iron Maiden. I have been shooting shows professionally for eight years and Maiden has been “The” band on the top of my “bucket list”. I was finally able to get a photo pass through Rock n Roll Industries (Thanks Jess!!) and all of ten people were escorted into the photo pit for the three most intense songs I have ever shot!!! They started with “Can I play with Madness”, “Moonchild” and then last for us lucky few in the photo pit, “Prisoner.” It was the most insanely exciting show I have ever shot. If you can keep up with Bruce Dickenson as he jumps about from left to right, you can shoot anyone!! The guy is like a kid up there! Maiden is one of the hardest working metal bands in the world with some of the most die-hard fans out there. I spent the rest of the show out in the pit rocking out and having the time of my life!! Thank you to Iron Maiden for the challenge and the honor of shooting the show!!!

For More photos and the Full review check out the coverage in issue 10.

Photos by our Photojournalist Leah Burlington


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