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Iron Maiden, Ghost, Kamelot and Exodus take over San Bernardino



WE ARE ALL Blood Brothers!

kamelot_rnrindustries-1It was a hot day in San Bernardino Saturday but that didn’t stop the crowd from coming out and Moshing! When Exodus hit the stage the pits started and never slowed down tell Iron Maiden was done playing their final encore! When you go to an Iron Maiden show they remind you that age is just a number from the 25,000+ fans that were in attendance that consisted of long time fans in their senior years to young kids, I saw one young man attending the show with his dad who was no more then 5 but had hair down to his waist and his denim vest full of patches eager to watch the show! Not to mention the guys that are in the band who run around like they are still in their 20’s for the entire show!




But what makes an Iron Maiden show so special is the message that they give to their fans, when so many bands are using music to push their political beliefs (where not going to name any names!) Bruce introduced ‘Blood Brothers’ by pointing out all the flags in the audience and how we come from all over the world and all walks of life and that we are there for one thing to Enjoy Music Together! That it doesn’t matter who we love-whether it’s a man or a women, what religion we practice- even if you worship Darth Vader, that we all came there together, alive and that we were going to leave there the same way! To look out for one another (especially in the pit) that we are all there to have a great time, drink some beers and listen to our favorite music! So grab your flag and wave it proudly especially if that flag happens to be an Iron Maiden Flag!




Iron Maiden Set List

If Eternity Should Fail
Speed of Light
Children of the Damned
Death or Glory
The Red and the Black
The Trooper
The Great Unknown
The Book of Souls
Fear of the Dark
Iron Maiden


The Number of the Beast
Blood Brothers
Wasted Years

ALL Photos by Stephanie Cabral

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Alter Bridge at the Wiltern in Los Angeles w/Photo Gallery


Alter Bridge at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA

Alter Bridge is brilliant. It shows not only in their studio recordings, but also in the vitality of their live performances. The band is full of energy and along with great sound quality; they are not over-produced with a bunch of fancy sets. It’s all about the music and interaction with the audience. Throughout the evening, the crowd proved to be anything but typical. Normally, when a singer turns the microphone to the audience, the energy in the room drops drastically. However the Alter Bridge crowd was fanatically singing in unison.
Featuring songs from their latest album “The Last Hero”, released last October, and sprinkled with many of their most beloved tunes such as “Open Your Eyes,” “Metalingus,” “Blackbird” and the acoustic Kennedy-only ballad “Watch over You,” the only slowed down moment in an otherwise high energy set.

With Scott Phillips on percussion, Brian Marshall on bass, Mark Tremonti on guitar and vocals, and Myles Kennedy on guitar and lead vocals, Alter Bridge delivered an impeccable performance to their fans. The rhythm section of Phillips and Marshall is an absolutely perfect platform for the masterful guitar work of Tremonti and Kennedy. They are extremely dynamic and locked-in tempo to the nuances of their songs. Watching and hearing this quartet play is undoubtedly a great pleasure for anyone that appreciates good music.

The love put into their music that both the band and its fans share with one another was undeniably shown in their performance on this night. The band performed a two-hour set with an encore that included “Show Me a Leader” and “Rise Today.”

They may be a million-selling rock band, but there’s no denying the talent on the stage. If they are in your town, it’s a must see performance that you won’t regret seeing.

The Writing on the Wall
Come to Life
Farther Than the Sun
Addicted to Pain
Ghost of Days Gone By
Cry of Achilles
Slip to the Void
My Champion
Ties That Bind
Island of Fools
Waters Rising
Watch Over You
Open Your Eyes
Show Me a Leader
Rise Today

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Houston Open Air with Photo Gallery

Houston Open Air got a late start on September 24, 2016- the evening of Day 1, and was completely cancelled on September 25 on Day 2-  for fears of lighting strikes, forecasters called for lightning strikes in the immediate area, making it officially “unsafe for human life.”

DAY 1 was a circus. Worried and impatient fans were walked from the front gates to “safety” nearly a mile up the road in the hot weather. Some made that stretch back and forth several times to see what was going on as the only updates they were given, happened on Houston Open Air’s Facebook page.

Many getting more and more irritated and needing a cold one, chose to walk a mile up to road to the Holiday Inn bar. The establishment had not prepared for so many beer chuggers. The manager had to make several trips back and forth with cases to keep up, as we all waited there getting to know each other for many hours.

Calls starting coming in from a few fans that had stayed behind to learn what was going on and keep the public informed. It was official, “Anthrax cancelled, and they are heading off to play in Louisiana instead.” Other bands started canceling quickly as well. The roof could’ve blown off from the intensity in the Holiday Inn Bar. How could this be, as the weather seemed perfect, people would say. “I just wanted to see anthrax!” We all still had hope, especially those who were not local, and nowhere else to go. About an hour later I received a call from another photographer, that Anthrax decided to play and would be on set in 10 minutes. So, I let the crowd know, grabbed my equipment, and ran as fast as my legs could go, a mile back to Houston Open Air, making it about my sixth mile to have walked since the morning. I made it! I was in the gates! However, when I arrived to the stage, Anthrax was not there and their band equipment was being taken off. My heart fell through my chest.

Still, we were in! Finally! Houston Open Air was going to happen after all even if just a few bands were to play that night, and leave it to fucking Slayer to stay. Slayer made hell feel so good that night. The fans couldn’t get enough and Slayer made sure to please, even though they were off to Ozzfest Meets Knotfest right after. Thank you, Slayer.

Also that night, The Cult, Alice In Chains, and about a handful of many who were originally scheduled.

DAY 2 opened for one band in the AM, then fans were immediately forced out of the gates due to “threat of lightening” and waited the entire day outside the gates. At this point, people were so angry they wouldn’t leave the area until HOA opened.

Metalheads entertained themselves by moshing right at gate entrance. Many thought they were going to take the gate down, and police were ready and prepared.

Though it did rain for about 30 minutes in the entire day, other than that the weather seemed great according to everyone waiting. HOA was “monitoring the weather” until 4:08 pm when they posted an official update: “We are sorry to report that the weather today is simply not cooperating with us.  The forecast calls for lightning in the immediate area on and off all day therefore making it unsafe to human life to reopen the festival.  If you haven’t already done so, please return to your vehicle and exit the grounds. This decision is extremely upsetting to us and to all the bands that haven’t played.  We worked hard to put together an amazing festival for a city that deserves an amazing festival.  We will announce refund plans on Wednesday morning on our website and social media.”

I was taking photos of the moshing up until the last second when a police officer walked up the the gate from the other side and said, “Sorry guys.” The police officer then climbed a bit up the gate and said to the heartbroken moshers, “Its time to go home, but keep fucking rockin’, metalheads!” as he put up horns with both hands. Somehow, that made everything better as everyone walked off to their cars. (See last photos)

The majority of bands never played, and the weather only got better, so fans began to scramble as to where to go, saying that some bands have staying in town and would play for them. Facebook was busy, fans commenting by the thousands where to go. Most ended up to either be a hoax, or just never played though, such as Deftones.

Until, it was official, Avenged Sevenfold was to play at White Oak Music Hall. Fans scurried to the new venue which had a size limit. Most waited in lines for many hours, worried they wouldn’t get in. Late that evening, almost all were finally let in the doors. Avenged Sevenfold saved the day. As for me, I was stuck outside as media was not let in. Only Avenged Sevenfold’s photographer. (See no photos.) Except for a few I took outside (See last photos)

Also that night, Starset at Raven Tower.


By Evlin Lake
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Motörhead Motörboat

Join us aboard the Motörhead Motörboat…


As we set sail a pawn a course of open sea the Motörhead Motörboat gets ready to rock n roll around the clock. As boarding the motorboat during the first search of your room, you can’t help but to notice the sheer size of the Norwegian cruise ship. The Motörboat take over from the music on the intercom to the graphics on the doors and the fact that you just may run a cross some of your favorite stars. Soon after we checked in we did just that with some good friends of ours in COC in the rooms next to us, without a doubt that was cool. First band up was Exodus as we’re still set at dock fans gather on deck for the first picture getting ready to head off to rock the high seas with a course of a epic good time. With legends like Motörhead, Slayer, Exodus, COC, Anthrax, Hatebreed and many more the fans start to create metal chaos with 3 stages and heart thumping sound systems makes your experience a true rockn’ ship that you should try for yourselves.

Four days and nights of music including private Island performances and Slayer and Motörhead taking turns headlining the shows what could be better then too top off a great night of rockn with the ships buffet that go’s all day and night. The Norwegian also has your romantic complimentary dining including a three-course meal, in this case all rules “walk the plank” if you like to dress up you can but this is the Motörboat and its Metal chaos through out the day and night. With smooth sailing huge sounds the ship also had their entertainment included sports club, fitness center, sports court, including full size basketball court, golf, 5 hot tubs, two pools, arcade rooms and WiFi lounges (for a cost), sports bar and of course the casino. Where a few lucky fans even bumped into Lemmy. This wasn’t just a vacation for fans but for bands as well some stars brought their families. It’s not everyday you can hang out at a private island with some of your favorite stars. The cruises all received a pre release copy of our new issue (coming out next week) with Motörhead on the cover and features interviews an interview with Lemmy as well as interviews other artists from the boat Anthrax, Exodus, KYNG, Santa Cruz, No Words and Huntress. Also pick up our following issue that will include more coverage from the boat including interviews with Corrosion of Conformity, Crobot, Suicidal Tendencies, Motor Sister, Hatebreed, and follow ups with Santa Cruz and Mikkey Dee of Motörhead.


To see more get your copy of the Motörhead issue get the single issue here or subscribe here

motorhead cover

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