First off thank you to every one that joined us at NAMM and the NAMM JAM we had some great bands come by the booth this year and got to meet some really cool companies! Below are some of the photos from the fun that took place… NAMM of course is to big and has so much going but please enjoy these galleries of some of the happenings of NAMM and tell next year!

If you joined us on the Red carpet that night please check out all the carpet pics here
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NAMM 2014 signings and around the show

I would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone that came to the booth to sign Richie Ramone, David Ellefson, Angelo Moore, Doyle, Rhoads family (Kelle and Kathy), Matt Starr, Bjorn Englan, One Hundred Proof, Static Fiction, The Chimpz, Spades and Blades, All Else Fails, Dante’s Boneyard, Mest, Assuming we Survive, The Slow Forward, Low Life Music, NME, Loards of Ruin, Inside Riot, Mr. Creepy, XNO, Reveille for Radicals, Toshi, Archer, Chad Lee, Zloz, Great White, Rafael Moreira, John Force and Robert Hight. And those of you that stopped by to take pictures and say hi it was another great year! We got to be a part of many great shows that are featured in their own post on here and more info will be able to be found in issue 11.

NAMM 2014 is in the books now. This year, it was a different kind of “busy”. Amongst the many faces and known names in the music industry, I would like to thank Laura “LV” Victoria (Also from L.A. Velvet), Grammy-nominated guitarist Sin Quirin (Ministry/RevCo), Metal Sanaz, Sick Puppies’ Mark Goodwin, Emma Anzai and Manager Paul Stepanek, Jinxx (Black Veil Brides), Johnny Christ and Synister Gates (Avenged Sevenfold) for their few minutes of attention and time and towards my self and the crew, as fan and photo journalist while roaming around and looking for the interesting stories to bring them to you, our RNRI friends.
Now, speaking of products, I had a very limited schedule, so skipping the big names and visiting other booths and halls that are usually overlooked, I do want to mention a couple that got my attention. One of them being OGRE guitars and Thunderclap Distortion (Demon-like shape) and Tubeaholic Overdrive (Alien-looking ) pedals. Interesting designs, aluminum die casting, eyes that light up when activated and different options in colors sure make me want to try these babies live soon. In my very particular opinion, their guitars are heavy yet unique and maybe even resemble H.R. Giger’s style.
The other show stopper was Bohemian Guitars. Each (body) made with a vintage oil can or lunch box and the rest of the hardware and other assorted parts are saved from used materials. Now, if this doesn’t scream “GREEN” then I don’t know what else it does. I couldn’t really believe they would be taken seriously until an spectator came by during my time visiting the booth and played some Hendrix music. I guess rocking out can also be good for the environment.
During an interview with Laura Victoria at the DBZ booth, their guitars there winked at me in a very sexy way, almost seducing. The Bolero, Renegade, Bird of Prey and my favorite one, the Red stripes Hailfire.I must, MUST further test and perhaps acquire one for my collection.
And last but not least, the people at MonoPrice offering very affordable musical equipment, amps, pedal tuners, etc. I got to try an $89 Stratocaster, at these prices and let me tell you, don’t let the “Under a Benjamin price” fool you and think you can’t have fun with such guitar.
Now, these are just a couple of outstanding memories, like I said, skipping the bigger names and most visited booths. Thank you for making NAMM 2014 memorable, yet again. Rock and Roll!
-Enrique Nunez

Photos by Igor Vidyashev

Photos by Ramon Cfpr Ward Jr.

Photos by Lan Nguyen

Photos by Enrique Nunez

Photos by Leah Burlington

NAMM Rock N Bowl part 1/22/14

NAMM Rock N Bowl took place Wednesday night, January 22, 2014 from 5:30 pm to midnight at Concourse off of the 91 and Kraemer. With the start of the NAMM event held at the convention center, a day filled to the brim with blood, sweat and tears, participants needed a bit of fun and a place to kick back.

The night started off with a few rounds of bowling, and the venue also hosted a rocker-chick fashion runway and photoshoot by  Romantic Rock Designs. It was hard to pick favorites as each lady involved was a bonafide heartbreaker. Lovely job gals!

Coldcock Whisky, also present at last October’s Great American Nightmare, had a spotlight appearance at the event when our very own Rock n Rollers at RnR decided to toast the evening with celebratory shots- to another successful weekend at NAMM!

So far this year’s NAMM has been a wonderful experience and it started off with knocking down pins with friends.

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-Andrea Granillo

Contract photographer

Picture by: Igor Vidyashev

For more pictures by Igor please check click on slideshow:


Please also check out even more pictures of the event by Andrea Granillo

The main fundraising feature of this event is the celebrity bowling experience allowing the public to bid to bowl with their favorite celebrity. Grand prizes go out to the individual and team with the highest bowling score.

Tats for Troops, silent auctions, Dollars for DJ requests and personal donations will assist the bowling event in raising funds. Fans, participants and VIP’s alike will have an opportunity to network with music professionals while enjoying a relaxing environment. The Concourse Bowling Bar and Grill houses 40 bowling lanes and has plenty of room for more than 1,000 customers.

“We really want to give back to the troops,” says Rob Weekes, Owner of Black Ticket VIP and a Veteran. “With the NAMM Show starting on Thursday, January 23rd, the Rock N Bowl is a perfect kick-off event for those coming to Anaheim for the convention.”

The NAMM Show, National Association of Music Merchants, runs from January 23 through January 27, 2014 at the Anaheim Convention Center and is known as the COMIC CON of Music.

Please send all media requests, bowling sign-ups and VIP/Artist requests to:


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