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If you are lacking motivation or inspiration in your life, let me introduce you to Kelly Maglia, the most talented and hard-working lady you will ever meet! She is a clothing and costume designer, entrepreneur, pole dancer, business owner, blogger, guitarist, and now rock n roll goddess! She recently debuted her latest EP “Just Enough Rough” and it is getting a lot of attention. A classically trained vocalist, you would swear she was a seasoned Metal star with years of performing behind her. Her live shows are as theatrical as they are musically captivating.  But, as with many people, life got in the way of her dreams and instead of pursuing a performing career she started several clothing lines and outfitted others who performed on stage.   After years of running her very successful dancewear company, she is back to following her rock ‘n roll dreams and taking every little bit of experience she has gained along the way to build a solid path to reach rock stardom. And many of her live shows feature her talents as a pole dancer!! We sat down at the famous rock bar Loaded, in Hollywood, to see what she has in store for her fans in 2016.

RNR: I read that you are trained as a coloratura soprano before turning to pop music. How does that work as you venture into other genres?

Kelly:  A coloratura soprano is a type of classical opera singer. It is typically a very high light voice, with a lot of fast notes. My voice tends to sit in a really high place which is interesting since I am now singing rock and metal. So that was quite a journey for me, but I have been training with a vocal coach for quite a while now and it is paying off.

RNR: When did you start playing guitar? What bands influenced you?

Kelly: I started playing guitar five years ago. I am obsessed with Skid Row. I love the twin guitar work in that band. The first songs I learned on guitar were Skid Row songs.

RNR: You are very well educated. Tell me about your time in London? Did that have any influence on your writing style today?

Kelly: I won a scholarship to study in London and I ended up staying there for four years. I worked in the theater as a literary manager, meaning I read all the submitted plays to the theater. I worked on very established plays as well and worked with the directors. That experience has very much effected what I do now in rock ‘n roll.  All my lyrics have some kind of story. They all have a beginning, middle and end. The live shows I do also have a great theatrical experience to them.

RNR: Who is the “New Kelly Maglia” that you describe in your promotional trailer?

Kelly: Previously, my website was exclusively to costume design for the pole and burlesque communities. I become known in those communities as “Kelly the costume designer.”  I still am that, I love costumes, but the “new Kellymaglia.com” was designed to focus on the music and that is kind of the dream I have had for a really long time. Now it is all about the music but the fashion is very much alive.

RNR: When did you first try pole dancing and playing guitar? How did the crowd react?

Kelly: I started pole dancing and playing guitar around the same time. I didn’t really think about combining the two, but it all happened when we were playing a show at the Whisky a Go-Go in Hollywood. I just thought, “I bet I could climb this pole with the guitar on my back and swing it around to the front and play.” It was right in the middle of the song “Still of the Night” by White Snake and I thought to myself, “I can do this.” So I did it. I climbed up and played a few chords and people went crazy over it! It has now become a signature move of mine.

RNR: What inspires you to write your music?

Kelly: The lyrics come first. It always comes from a life experience. Usually something that happened with me and a guy. Very often I will be sitting somewhere and the first verse shows up in my head and it is just off and running from there. The song, “Just Enough Rough” which is my first single, I wrote the riffs on the guitar before I had any lyrics. It was an exercise my guitar teacher had given me.  I put the riffs aside and then one day I was in the shower and the first line ”You say that you are a shit show” popped in my head and I was like, “Oh my, I know what this song is about!” (Laughs).

RNR: What are the reviews saying about “Just enough Rough?”

Kelly: We just released an EP. So far it hasn’t even been out for over a month yet and it has been getting a really great response. My favorite is from Hair Metal Mansion. Andrew the Axe Man listed my EP as one of the top five of 2015.

RNR: Tell me more about your live shows?

Kelly: I like to describe my live shows as Van Halen meets Cirque du Soleil. We are a modern take on 80’s hair metal with pole dancing, but we also include aerialists and contortionists. Moving forward more emphasis will be on my band and my original music. We will still highlight our sexy pole dancers and a story that is woven throughout the show.

RNR: Tell us about Kelly’s Closet, your couture clothing line.

Kelly: I am really excited about Kelly’s Closet. We launched our first collection last year and now we are really coming into full circle of what I really want to do. Every time I release a new music video I am going to release a new clothing collection inspired by the music videos. For example, you can watch my music video and see all the costumes that I designed for myself and for my dancers and you will be able to buy a version of that from Kelly’s Closet. We will have different versions all the way from the couture, to the affordable pieces that are inspired by everything you see in the videos.

RNR: What are you hoping 2016 will bring?

Kelly: I want this year to be the year I go out on the road. We spent 2015 writing the album, building the brand new website, and launching Kelly’s Closet. This year I am ready to take my live show to the world!

For more in formation on the fabulous kelly, please visit: http://kellymaglia.com/

By Raquel Figlo


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