Starbreakers SOLD out show with photo gallery


THE STARBREAKERS made their debut at The Viper Room in West Hollywood, California on Saturday March 11. The all-star cover band which features five of the most talented female musicians in the Los Angeles area played to a sold out crowd. They unleashed their take on some metal classic by such bands as Dio, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper.

Nita Strauss originally invited Jill, Courtney and Lindsay to play on a few Iron Maiden songs at Lucky Strike in Hollywood for her birthday bash. Emily joined up a few weeks later as so began The Starbreakers.

According to guitarist Nita Strauss, when asked if they would do any original material, “It’s just a fun side project for us while we have free time between our main bands.”

A couple guests joined them as well. Alicia Vigil (VIGIL OF WAR) on bass during “Welcome to the Jungle” and Katt Scarlett (FEMME FATALE) backing vocals for “Poison.”

THE STARBREAKERS are: Jill Janus (HUNTRESS, CHELSEA GIRLS) – Vocals, Nita Strauss (ALICE COOPER, THE IRON MAIDENS) – Guitar, Courtney Cox (THE IRON MAIDENS, FEMME FATALE) – Guitar, Lindsay Martin (THE AVIATORS, GLAM SKANKS) – Drums and Emily Ruvidich (MISTY DAY) – Bass.


Ace of Spades (Motorhead)

Bark at the Moon (Ozzy Osbourne)

Holy Diver (Dio)

Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden)

Welcome to the Jungle (Guns ‘N Roses)

Poison (Alice Cooper)

Lindsay Martin Drum Solo

Painkiller (Judas Priest)

Mother (Danzig)

Master of Puppets (Metallica)

Walk (Pantera)

Kick Start My Heart (Motley Crue)
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Houston Open Air with Photo Gallery

Houston Open Air got a late start on September 24, 2016- the evening of Day 1, and was completely cancelled on September 25 on Day 2-  for fears of lighting strikes, forecasters called for lightning strikes in the immediate area, making it officially “unsafe for human life.”

DAY 1 was a circus. Worried and impatient fans were walked from the front gates to “safety” nearly a mile up the road in the hot weather. Some made that stretch back and forth several times to see what was going on as the only updates they were given, happened on Houston Open Air’s Facebook page.

Many getting more and more irritated and needing a cold one, chose to walk a mile up to road to the Holiday Inn bar. The establishment had not prepared for so many beer chuggers. The manager had to make several trips back and forth with cases to keep up, as we all waited there getting to know each other for many hours.

Calls starting coming in from a few fans that had stayed behind to learn what was going on and keep the public informed. It was official, “Anthrax cancelled, and they are heading off to play in Louisiana instead.” Other bands started canceling quickly as well. The roof could’ve blown off from the intensity in the Holiday Inn Bar. How could this be, as the weather seemed perfect, people would say. “I just wanted to see anthrax!” We all still had hope, especially those who were not local, and nowhere else to go. About an hour later I received a call from another photographer, that Anthrax decided to play and would be on set in 10 minutes. So, I let the crowd know, grabbed my equipment, and ran as fast as my legs could go, a mile back to Houston Open Air, making it about my sixth mile to have walked since the morning. I made it! I was in the gates! However, when I arrived to the stage, Anthrax was not there and their band equipment was being taken off. My heart fell through my chest.

Still, we were in! Finally! Houston Open Air was going to happen after all even if just a few bands were to play that night, and leave it to fucking Slayer to stay. Slayer made hell feel so good that night. The fans couldn’t get enough and Slayer made sure to please, even though they were off to Ozzfest Meets Knotfest right after. Thank you, Slayer.

Also that night, The Cult, Alice In Chains, and about a handful of many who were originally scheduled.

DAY 2 opened for one band in the AM, then fans were immediately forced out of the gates due to “threat of lightening” and waited the entire day outside the gates. At this point, people were so angry they wouldn’t leave the area until HOA opened.

Metalheads entertained themselves by moshing right at gate entrance. Many thought they were going to take the gate down, and police were ready and prepared.

Though it did rain for about 30 minutes in the entire day, other than that the weather seemed great according to everyone waiting. HOA was “monitoring the weather” until 4:08 pm when they posted an official update: “We are sorry to report that the weather today is simply not cooperating with us.  The forecast calls for lightning in the immediate area on and off all day therefore making it unsafe to human life to reopen the festival.  If you haven’t already done so, please return to your vehicle and exit the grounds. This decision is extremely upsetting to us and to all the bands that haven’t played.  We worked hard to put together an amazing festival for a city that deserves an amazing festival.  We will announce refund plans on Wednesday morning on our website and social media.”

I was taking photos of the moshing up until the last second when a police officer walked up the the gate from the other side and said, “Sorry guys.” The police officer then climbed a bit up the gate and said to the heartbroken moshers, “Its time to go home, but keep fucking rockin’, metalheads!” as he put up horns with both hands. Somehow, that made everything better as everyone walked off to their cars. (See last photos)

The majority of bands never played, and the weather only got better, so fans began to scramble as to where to go, saying that some bands have staying in town and would play for them. Facebook was busy, fans commenting by the thousands where to go. Most ended up to either be a hoax, or just never played though, such as Deftones.

Until, it was official, Avenged Sevenfold was to play at White Oak Music Hall. Fans scurried to the new venue which had a size limit. Most waited in lines for many hours, worried they wouldn’t get in. Late that evening, almost all were finally let in the doors. Avenged Sevenfold saved the day. As for me, I was stuck outside as media was not let in. Only Avenged Sevenfold’s photographer. (See no photos.) Except for a few I took outside (See last photos)

Also that night, Starset at Raven Tower.


By Evlin Lake
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Return of the Dreads with photo Gallery


    On a perfect Sunday for a rock show, Korn and Rob Zombie rolled into Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre on the “Return of the Dreads” tour. This years tour is the follow-up to 2013’s widely successful “Night of the Dreads” tour. The special guest this time around was In This Moment. The packed crowd was lined up the whole length of the parking lot 30 minutes before the gates even opened. In This Moment took the stage at dusk and ripped thru a solid set of 6 songs, complete with costume changes between each song. Lead singer Maria Brink is definitely the focal point of the show. She was flanked by 2 twisted nurses that shadowed her every move. They had props {giant syringes) and minor set changes that added to the well organized opening act.
    Rob Zombie and his band, Ginger Fish (drums) Piggy D.(bass) and John 5 (guitar) were next to hit the stage. The crowd was electric as Zombie and his ghouls opened with “Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown”. The stage was lined with Zombies crazy cartoon artwork and large screens showing classic horror movie clips. They played 15 songs including covers of “Wild Thing” and “We’re an American Band”. The encore was “Dragula”. At one point during the song “More Human Than Human” Rob Zombie jumped down into the pit and made his way across the front row of orchestra seats before returning to the stage. The best set I’ve seen from them in years.
   Korn came out with a solid wall of  L.E.D. lighting and a large screen behind the drummers platform. “Right Now” was the opener and “Freak on a Leash”  closed the show. Korn played all their classic songs and of course singer Jonathan Davis came out and did “Shoot’s and Ladders” with his bagpipe’s. Towards the end of the set, Korn brought out their kids to jump around during the songs “Got the Life” and “Falling Away from Me”. The vibe of the whole show was exciting and very upbeat. All in all it was a very good show and I hope they do this tour again in another 3 years……
Norco Arthur


Photos by Scott Dworkin

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Iron Maiden at the Battle of San Bernardino

My Maiden week started with the Iron Maiden fan club pre-party on Wednesday night with the best Maiden tribute I know that hails from Vegas, Aces High and then seeing the “real deal” on Thursday night in Las Vegas. This was the first time Maiden has played here in 13 years. The show was sold out thanks to fans from all over the planet to a tune of about 10,000+ people. It was an amazing show with a killer set list. Then I went on to Cali on Friday night to see the Battle of San Bernardino festival with 7 bands in the searing heat. I made it to see Anthrax, Megadeth and of course Iron Maiden. I have been shooting shows professionally for eight years and Maiden has been “The” band on the top of my “bucket list”. I was finally able to get a photo pass through Rock n Roll Industries (Thanks Jess!!) and all of ten people were escorted into the photo pit for the three most intense songs I have ever shot!!! They started with “Can I play with Madness”, “Moonchild” and then last for us lucky few in the photo pit, “Prisoner.” It was the most insanely exciting show I have ever shot. If you can keep up with Bruce Dickenson as he jumps about from left to right, you can shoot anyone!! The guy is like a kid up there! Maiden is one of the hardest working metal bands in the world with some of the most die-hard fans out there. I spent the rest of the show out in the pit rocking out and having the time of my life!! Thank you to Iron Maiden for the challenge and the honor of shooting the show!!!

For More photos and the Full review check out the coverage in issue 10.

Photos by our Photojournalist Leah Burlington

“Viva Vampira” at the Wonderland Gallery 06/15/2012

This gallery contains 11 photos.

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