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Imagine Dragons and Tim Cantor



I bet many people don’t know that Imagine Dragons is currently taking their amazing album cover artist Tim Cantor along with his wife Amy Cantor, on tour with them.

The amazing part is that in this tour, there is a Free Art Gallery- in which Tim expresses his art and talks as well as mingles with everyone that RSVP’S. Amazing appetizers are served, and delicious drinks. Many come out walking with a book or two or his artwork. Stay tuned for a full review on one of his books and more in our next issue!

For now enjoy the photographs of how much fun everyone had… so if Imagine Dragons is touring near your city, be sure to look into Tim Cantor’s and the Smoke + Mirrors Art Gallery with its new 3D DTS mixes.

For tour dates and more visit:

Imagine Dragons Shots was inspired by Tim Cantor’s paintings, if you haven’t seen it yet check it out here:

Get Smoke + Mirrors on iTunes now:
Get Smoke + Mirrors Deluxe version with 4 exclusive songs only at Target:

Words + Photos -Los Angeles by Angelica Ulloa

Society 1 is Back- Watch new music video and more

Society 1 @ Skinny's_163a_1


Society 1 is back, more melodic and much more aggressive. Front man Matt Zane plays the part of many masks, from becoming a published author, to an actor and now directing music video’s. The band’s current lineup include -Matt Zane, bassist -Dirt Von Karloff, drummer -Iorden Mitev,and guitarist -Beau Ashley. Sin Quirin –guitar player and writer for Ministry is also part of the band, and can be seen performing live with Society 1.

Our Senior Editor- Model Angelica Ulloa joined guitar player Beau Ashley on the making of their newest music video- “It’s Yours Now.” and can finally be watched here.

Society 1 @ Skinny's_105b_1

 Beau Ashley is fun to work with, the night had some insane technical difficulties and if Beau hadn’t been there I am pretty sure the night would have just been worse. He is super helpful, and makes the environment fun, he was on set helping Zane. Everyone on set was amazing- Zane was very professional, which makes you respect him in a business point of view, and being directed by him was surprisingly very fun- he expresses what he wants from you – detailed enough to get in character when needed. My favorite part of the night is def Beau and me getting to work together back to back- instead of throwing each other signals we would make faces at each other, and even though he had a mask on- his eyes expressed whatever face he would do back. The models were beautiful, one drove states away because she was also a hardcore fan, which in my opinions says a lot. They were all very unique and fun to have met and worked with. I’m very happy that Beau asked me to be a part of this music video, it’s obviously more than just a music video to me because of the connection and the friendship made that night.                   -Angelica Ulloa

On  July 2nd, Society 1 had  a music video release party at Skinny’s Lounge in NOHO, the performance was one of a kind as they connected with the crowd. Everyone seemed to be having drinks in hands and having a great time!  Sin joined them to complete the band, their live performance is def a show to be watched.

Thanks to Enrique Nunez the night was covered and can be seen here:

 Don’t miss their FREE Society 1 show at the Whisky July 22. All ages and the set is being filmed by BUZZ TV to air at a later date, so come down fill up the venue and get aired! For more info check out link:

For more infor on society one please visit:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


Cage 9 Video Premiere party at Loaded in Hollywood Feb 8, 2014

A Visual Harassment Production, and Angelica of Rock N Roll Industries Magazine presented Cage 9 video premiere party for “A Million Miles Below the Earth” on Saturday, Feb. 8th at Loaded Hollywood.


Angry Arcade and Slant opened up for the party as guest performances. If you missed out what was one hec of a crowd and turnout please check out the pictures provided by photojournalists Lan Nguyen and Matthew Upton.  Stay tuned to read full review and more pictures on our next issue of the Magazine! Continue reading

Cage 9 music video premiere party this Saturday at Loaded



Cage9, A Visual Harassment Production, and Angelica of Rock
N Roll Industries magazine presents the video premiere party for ‘A
Million Miles Below the Earth’ this Saturday, February 8, at Loaded in
Hollywood (6377 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028).
The event begins at 8:30 pm with a Black Carpet and optional
Post-Apocalyptic themed attire.
Limited swag to include Cage9’s CD “How To Shoot Lasers From Your Eyes”
(featuring ‘A Million Miles Below the Earth’) and video premiere posters
will be available to early arrivers.
Angry Arcade will kick off the night’s live music at 9:30 pm, followed by
a word from the Director, Jacob Voelzke, who will also introduce the video
‘A Million Miles Below the Earth.’ Cage9 will perform after the video,
followed by a Meet & Greet with the band, cast and crew. Local L.A. band
Slant will close the night.
The secret password for free entry is ‘Apocalypse.’
Facebook event page:
YouTube behind-the-scenes teaser (44 seconds):

Cherri Bomb at Peavey’s in Hollywood supporting 3EI

 August 28 Cherri Bomb along with band Nylon Pink played an acoustic live set at Peavey’s in Hollywood. Playing a free show for 3EI (Third Echelon Investigations)- A Non-profit, Anti-Human Trafficking Division.

Doors opened at 7 sharp,  everyone including the band members dressed in black and had words against Human Trafficking painted on their arms or body to support the cause, and got their pictures taken by the talented Pheren Soepadhi. To see full pictures of Cherri Bomb’s live set click on Title to be directed to full link.

To read more on CherriBomb stay tuned on our next RNR issue for a feature on the creation, inspirations and story behind the making of the band. These kids are taking over the industry, and bringing their talents together to bring awareness to foundations/organizations that are fighting to change our world. What better way than to enjoy amazing Rock Music, and at the same time be a part of making the world into a better place?

To support or read more about this organization against Human Trafficking please visit and find out how you may get active and be of help: 

Be sure to like our FB page for more updates on all we do!
Photo Credits go to our photographer- Enrique Nunez


Cherri Bomb @ Peavey (146)a


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