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  • aaautocare1@aol.com'
    Morgan Van Harding says:

    Hey Guy’s!!! So I Just Wanted To Give You Guys A Up Date What I’m Up To These Days. Now That I’m No Longer With Rock N Roll GangStar. So I’m Playing Guitar In The Band ATTACK OF THE RISING Now, We Have A Shows At Malones June 28th & Aug 16th At PCH Club. More In The Works, Start Recording The Album In The Next Few Mos. I Would Like To Get The Band Involved With You Guys. Anyway Would Like To Chat With Ya About It More. Look Forward To Hearing From Ya Guy’s. Morgan Van Harding

  • krnbaugh@yahoo.com'
    kearen baugh says:

    I am not sure which issue I need but I am looking for one that has Shredder Pinstripe in an ad with a guitar introducing the black night. It was posted on his facebook page in April of this Year.

  • forced_entity@hotmail.com'
    Terry Miller says:

    It’s been a while since I received any magazines. I only got two of my six issue subscription. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

  • Mhopkin2@columbus.rr.com'
    Kristin Dougherty says:

    Looking for issue with Counts77 band on front. Just out? Can’t find in Columbus 😡

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