Stone Sour Hydrograd tour and Number1 Song!


Stone Sour rocked my face last night in San Diego, Ca. On tour with Korn and Baby Metal, always amazing to see Korn and Baby Metal are adorable!! Happy Birthday Yui Mizuno/Yui Metal!! Congrats on turning 18 years old!!

Stone Sour hit the number 1 spot Monday on the Rock Billboard charts with “Song3” off of their debut album “Hydrograd” out June 30th

Corey Taylor was having the time of his life on stage; you can see how much he loves preforming SS songs. They played “Through Glass” as well as “Say You’ll Haunt Me” two of my fav classics from this band and there was nothing stale about them! So good!

Drummer Roy Mayorga is one of the best musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching, this is no joke during song3. You can almost become addicted to that drumbeat, him and Johny Chow are just killing it!

Guitar players Christian Martucci and Josh Rand are clearly happy to be on stage with Corey and all his antics including confetti guns and wacky inflatable waving arm tube men……. Check out a show near you! Tonight, Los Angeles, Ca!!

Pics and writings by Miranda Panda 


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