Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis Reunite for one Show for Charity in Vegas with The Sin City Sinners!

Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis Reunite for one Show for Charity in Vegas with The Sin City Sinners!

By Leah Burlington 12/19/2013

Tracii Guns & Phil Lewis from LA Guns (1)


Last night at Vampd in Las Vegas there was supposed to be a Sin City Sinners show, who are Vegas’ number one cover band that has special guests pop in for a few songs, and that special guest was to be Tracii Guns from LA Guns and Raiding the Rock Vault. There were rumors about a “Special Guest Singer” and I did have the thought that it could be Phil Lewis, as he has recently moved to Vegas and frequents Vampd on occasion.

Can you imagine my surprise as I go to the green room to get a few shots of my friend Michael T Ross, who was to perform with Tracii and The Sinners, and see Phil Lewis standing in one corner of the room and Tracii in the other. I said, “I knew it!!” After a brief awkward moment I got Tracii and Phil to take a few photos with each other and all the sudden the ice was broken and the two old friends and band-mates were cracking up because Tracii, with his quick and funny wit, took Phils hand and proceeded to try and dance with him. That just made Phil light up and it was smooth sailing the rest of the night.

The two guys haven’t spoken for around 11 years and there was some bad blood there so to see these two guys who made a big impression with their music in the late 80’s, get together and laugh and smile with each other was such a joy to see.

I talked to Jason Green, the Sin City Sinners manager, and he informed me that he had been wanting to get them together for years. A lot of hit and misses with his idea’s and one day one stuck. Getting them to do it for a charity like Toys For Tots was the perfect opening. Just in time for the Holidays.

After I walked out of the green room out to the front of the stage no one knew what I knew. I held the secret that Phil was there and was about to hit the stage. When that finally happened, Tracii and the Sinners came out first and then Phil came out to the delight of the crowd who roared their approval. The front of the stage was all the sudden plastered with people! It took a song or two but then the two guys that were once called the Hollywood Vampires got their groove and set the stage afire with their rock n roll magic! I haven’t seen so much excitement in a long time. They ripped and tore through a 10 song set with Scotty Griffen on bass, Brent Muscat on guitars, Rob Cournoyer on drums, and Michael T Ross on keys, who has been playing in Raiding the Rock Vault alongside Tracii at the LVH for almost a year. The whole show was complete with a lot of smiling, fun, and kick ass LA Guns hits!! This show was a huge success not only for the band and the reunion, but the toy drive brought in over 300 toys for children in need!! That was a night to remember!

Set List: Intro, Over the Edge, Electric Gypsy,Rip n Tear, No Mercy, Crystal Eyes, Jane, Kiss My Love Goodbye, One More Reason, Never Enough, Sex Action


All Photos by: Leah Burlington


  1. […] A very special thank you to our contributing photographer Leah Burlington for these incredible shots!  You can see more of her AMAZING Rock Photography on her website!   Keep up with the Lady of Metal on Twitter and follow her on Facebook.  You can also read more about the incredible and historical reunion of Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis in Leah Burlington’s review  on the Rock N Roll Industries website. […]


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