Sick Puppies Live Acoustic California Radio Tour

Sick Puppies are fresh off the Hard Drive Live tour with Red Sun Raising, Stitched Up Heart and Hudson, they have been flying around the country to various festivals and I was able to catch an acoustic show at the Standard in Fresno, California hosted by 105.1fm The Blaze as part of their California radio tour.

The intimate setting of the venue really brought out new singer Bryan Scott’s personality, he is great with the bands fans and is very funny with a quick wit. He gets the audience involved in the show by asking for requests from older SP albums which he pulls off amazingly, if you didn’t know he was new to the band you wouldn’t figure it out. New single “Stick To Your Guns” is just as appealing acoustic style as the radio edit and with bass player Emma Anzai bringing more vocals to their set than ever before this band really is a much watch. Drummer Mark Goodwin and Emma Seem to really enjoy their new band mate and they clearly have a great time together which creates brilliant stage presence and performance.

Sick Puppies new album “Fury” is available on iTunes and at Best Buy or even better head to a show and buy a copy from the wonderful Mr. Gerry.

Miranda Panda


The Night Time Show with Stephen Kramer Glickman, where Metal meets Comedy!

The Late Night Show

Bill Farmer I first heard about The Night Time Show with Stephen Kramer Glickman when Ironaut, a local Los Angeles metal band, invited me to check them out when they played as the house metal band for the show.  I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it would be like every other standup comedy night I have been to: a handful of comics telling jokes one right after the other; some would be funny, others not so much.

The Late Night Show proved to be much more than that. It was something completely different and innovative because it combines the best of standup comedy using a talk show format and incorporating a different METAL BAND as the house band each time. Typical of other late night talk shows in this genre, Glickman starts the night by telling a few jokes about current events or as he calls it “Headlines”, before moving behind a desk where celebrity comedians talk to him after their set.  During the course of the show, it has all the elements of great late night television show like video clips, comedic sketches, interviews, and crowd interaction that is more edgier than what you see on broadcast TV!

It was a sold out show on May 14 and the biggest star of the evening was Dane Cook, who seemed to have a chip on his shoulder because he snapped at both the drummer of Ironaut and a photographer just doing her job! Bill Farmer, best known for voicing Disney’s Goofy for the last 30 years, stole the show IMO when he parodied Pulp Fiction, in the voices of Bugs Bunny and Evangelist Billy Graham doing the “Say what Mother F*ck*r” scene. Other stars of the night included an epic set from Tom Segura, Mike Black and Helen Hong who were all extremely funny and in good spirits! Fire Ball Whisky started the night with free drinks to the first 100 attendees while Stephen Glickman capped the night off by passing out delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts to the audience!

The next Night Time Show with Stephen Glickman is June 18th   in the main room of The Hollywood Improv. I suggest you get your tickets now because the show is known for selling out! This month’s lineup includes Mo Collins, Jeff Richards, Harland Williams, Wendy Liebman and The Lucas Brothers!!!! The house band for the night is SPEED METAL BAND “EXMORTUS”!!!!  And my personal favorite perk… the first 100 AUDIENCE MEMBERS GET A FREE FIREBALL WHISKY Drink!

More about Stephen Glickman:

RNR: When did you decide a life of comedy was the way to go?

Stephen: I got stuck in a waterslide when I was 14 years old because I was too fat. I realized that my most embarrassing moments are my favorite stories to tell and that the best comedy is born from pain.

RNR: Were you always an entertainer?

Stephen: Yes. I have always been a ridiculous person.

RNR: What do you want people to know about your late night comedy show?

Stephen: The Night Time Show is the only LIVE late night show in Los Angeles. We have the best comedians on stage and the greatest metal bands on earth playing with us on every show. We also give away close to 100 shots of Fireball Whisky to the audience at the top of the show. It’s a big night with surprise guests. It’s fucking awesome.

RNR: Have you ever been to a metal show? Do you like metal? What bands do you like?

Stephen: Yes of course. ACDC is the greatest concert I’ve ever been to. I’ve seen Tool, Marilyn Manson and a ton more live in concert, but in the last few years I got really into Cannibal Corpse, Meshuggah, Exmortus, Fear Factory, Mini Kiss and Ironaut. It is my dream to have Mac Sabbath on our show.

RNR: What future projects are you working on?

Stephen: Becoming a WWE wrestler, booking more badass guests on The Night Time Show podcast and blowing shit up in the desert.












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By Raquel Figlo

INFINITE SPECTRUM Premieres “Federal Hill” Through Prog As Lovecraft-Inspired Haunter Of The Dark Nears Release Via Sensory

is cd
Prog Magazine is now exclusively streaming “Federal Hill,” the newest single culled from NYC-based progressive metal outfit, INFINITE SPECTRUM, and their sprawling Haunter Of The Darkalbum.
Engineered by Grammy award-winning engineer Chris Theis, INFINITE SPECTRUM‘s ambitious Haunter Of The Dark is the band’s first release for international progressive juggernaut, Sensory Records, its more than seventy-minute-long duration containing ten movements based on the H. P. Lovecraft short story of the same name, with extensive artwork by Claudio Bergamin fitted to the tale. Alongside Prog Magazine’s exclusive premiere of Haunter Of The Dark‘s “Federal Hill,”INFINITE SPECTRUM breaks down more inside details of the song’s creation and placement in the sprawling storyline.
Listen to INFINITE SPECTRUM’s “Federal Hill” at Prog RIGHT HERE.
Also stream the album’s lead single, “Fear,” at Metal Underground HERE, and see the extensive trailer HERE.
Laser’s Edge metal subdivision, Sensory Records, will release Haunter Of The Dark worldwide on June 24th. Preorders can be placed via Amazon HERE.
An official video hailing from Haunter Of The Dark, an NYC record release show, widespread tour dates, and more from INFINITE SPECTRUM will be announced in the weeks ahead.
Closing a three-year gap since their 2013 debut album, Misguided, INFINITE SPECTRUM returns with their new epic concept recording, Haunter Of The Dark. Here, the outfit brings legendary master of horror H. P. Lovecraft’s short story to life through ambitious compositions featuring an abundance of dynamic, virtuosic playing, and powerful, melodic vocals. Re-teaming with Grammy award-winning engineer Chris Theis to capture their signature sound, with Haunter Of The Dark INFINITE SPECTRUM has created a remarkable sonic journey for fans of prog both old and new. Combining theatrical elements with the progressive metal genre, the band has crafted their own brand of musical storytelling, which includes elements of radio-style drama for a uniquely cinematic listening experience.
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Pre-order your box set here:
The ninth wonder of the unnatural world, extreme tech-metal messiah’s MESHUGGAH are releasing the ultimate collectors piece, 25 Years Of Musical Deviance box set, which will be released on July 29. 2016 via Nuclear Blast. The set is limited to 1,000 units worldwide – only 585 will be available in the U/S exclusively via the Nuclear Blast Webshop.

Watch the promo video for the box set on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel!

The 25 Years Of Musical Deviance box set will include
Outer case with 3D cover art
Slipmat with exclusive design
100-page hardcover book with lyrics and previously unreleased photos
Blu-ray with all music videos and previously unreleased studio footage
(17) ultra clear, 180 gram 12-inch vinyl featuring brand new artwork


Below are the vinyl that are included in the box set:

  • Meshuggah EP – single, 45rpm vinyl
  • Contradictions Collapse – double, 33 1/3rpm vinyl
  • None EP – single, 33 1/3rpm vinyl
  • Destroy Erase Improve – double vinyl, 45rpm vinyl
  • Chaosphere – double vinyl, 45rpm vinyl
  • Nothing – double vinyl, 45rpm vinyl
  • EP – single vinyl, 33 1/3rpm vinyl
  • Catch 33 – double vinyl, 33 1/3rpm vinyl
  • Obzen – double vinyl, 45rpm vinyl
  • Koloss – double vinyl, 45rpm vinyl

Blu-ray Tracklisting:
Music Videos

  • Abnegating Cecity
  • “Terminal Illusions”
  • “New Millennium Cyanide Christ”
  • “Rash In All Gays”
  • “Rational Gaze”
  • “Shed”
  • “Breaking Those Bones Who Sinews Gave It Motion”
  • “Demiurge”
  • “I Am Colossus”

Studio Videos:

  • Contradictions Collapse
  • None
  • Destroy Erase Improve
  • Chaosphere
  • I

Catch MESHUGGAH live at this year’s Chicago Open Air on July 15, 2016.

Check out the teaser video for MESHUGGAH‘s upcoming release here:

Watch the live video for “Dancers To A Discordant System” and “Do Not Look Down” as well as the “The Call From Nuclear Blast” on the Nuclear Blast YouTube channel!


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MACHINE HEAD: Robb Flynn reunited with stolen guitars


Back in 2010 Robb Flynn’s Martinez, CA house was burglarized. Stolen with the cash, jewelry, and other items were four guitars, and amongst these four was easily one of his most meaningful possession, a 1997 Washburn Dimebolt guitar that was given to him onstage at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, by the late-great PANTERA guitarist, Dimebag Darrel.

Last night, some six years later, it was returned to him along with an un-released Epiphone prototype.


When Holly Cherry put a $10 dollar online bid to buy an unclaimed storage unit in San Bernardino, she had no idea what she would find. Tucked away in said storage unit she discovered that it had two electric guitars. So like anyone she went about getting a valuation on them, luckily the un-released Epiphone Signature Series prototype had Robb Flynn’s autograph on the back. Using the Google Translate App to take a photo of the name it eventually pulled up various stories on the theft.

Emailing some photos over to Bryan Kehoe at Jim Dunlop Strings and Pedals (long-time sponsors of MACHINE HEAD). Bryan then forwarded the pics to Robb’s high school buddy Craig Locicero who Robb performed with in the band FORBIDDEN before MACHINE HEAD who contacted Robb.

Opening the email, Flynn was stunned to find photos of two of the four guitars, including the beloved Dimebolt. Flynn explained, “I’ve had so many false leads over the last 6 years I can’t even tell you, literally hundreds, and while was grateful for everyone’s enthusiasm in helping find them, but I had kind of given up hope.” Adds Flynn, “you can imagine my shock when that email came through and it was really them! I was sitting in our son Wyatt’s gymnastics class waiting for it to start and I blurted out ‘HOLY S**T, they found my guitars!’ My kids laughed and said ‘what what?’”

Contacting Holly, she agreed to meet Robb in Oakland where the guitars were returned, miraculously, in near perfect condition considering they were stolen without a case, and only missing one volume knob.

In closing Flynn added, “I’d like to thank Holly Cherry for being so amazing throughout this entire process, she truly is an outstanding human being. I’d also like to thank Officer Ian Leong of the Martinez Police Dept. who has stayed on the case for over 6 years, and has been unrelenting in hunting down the thieves. Lastly huge, huge, HUGE props go out to Craig Locicero and Bryan Kehoe for contacting me with this info, and also to Chris Wallace and Wes Anderson for connecting the dots. The Ibanez guitar that I used to write and record MACHINE HEAD’s debut Burn My Eyes is still out there missing, so I’m asking all the Head Cases to keep their eyes peeled. But for now, the Dimebolt is home and it’s moments like these that make you believe man, they make you believe!”

Watch video of Robb recovering his guitars from Holly, here.

The original KTVU news broadcast about Robb’s stolen guitars can also be viewed at the following location:

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Valora at the Viper room


LA, Cali local band Valora plays The Viper Room last Sunday Funday with special guest Toby Rand, they had a great turn out and the band let me know how much they appreciated all the love and support for this show.
Front women Syd Duran and Taelor Duran are always amazing to watch live, being sisters they have a bond that is very captivating. The band played a tight set and overall everyone including the crowd was having fun.
Follow Valora on Facebook and Instagram /valoramusic and keep an eye on this up and coming band, better yet hit up ITunes and download some Valora for your very own to keep!

For more

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DEATH ANGEL release music video for “Lost”


(From left to right) Ted Aguilar (guitars), Damien Sisson (bass),
Mark Osegueda (vocals), Will Carroll (drums), Rob Cavestany (guitars)

San Francisco Bay Area thrash legends, DEATH ANGEL, will release their eighth studio album, The Evil Divide, worldwide on May 27, 2016 via Nuclear Blast Records.Today, the band has released a music video for the track “Lost”, here. The clip was directed and edited by Tommy Jones for Videohammer Studios.
Comments vocalist Mark Osegueda:
“The song ‘Lost’ is very personal to me and I believe it will resonate with many. As one who has been fortunate enough to be raised In the San Francisco Bay Area (an extremely diverse region), I have made friends with people from every religion, race, sexual orientation, and genre of music fan! One thing that no one can escape, no matter what one’s beliefs are, or how well you were raised, or educated, is that one point in your life that you felt apart, or alone.
“It is an awful and disparaging feeling. Some are fortunate enough to have only experienced a fleeting moment of that empty feeling. More often than not though, it’s much longer than a fleeting moment, and time moves no slower than when stuck in that feeling. I myself am not immune to that human experience.
“I find the best release for me, and what makes me feel as though I belong / am doing something right / have a quality of life that is not measured by a monetary system, is creating music!
“This song is for and about all who have ever been trapped in that dark hole of your own mind. This is ‘Lost’! You are not alone!”
Adds Jones:
“When i first spoke to Mark about the lyrical context of the song, I realized that he was coming from 3 different mindsets, or 3 different narratives that would lead someone to feeling ‘Lost’. So there was a challenge to represent these 3 scenarios into the video for the song. They were pretty heavy, current social topics in the form of religious extremism, a bad relationship riddled with drug and physical abuse, and cyber and school bullying. Each of these situations, could make a person feel ‘Lost’ as to what’s right or what’s wrong, or a sense of being trapped in a situation that in your mind you know is wrong, but being stuck in it, makes you feel ‘Lost’. I also wanted the band to seem ‘Lost’ as if they were nowhere. So the setting of the video is that they are in complete never ending blackness.

“The rain was a necessity. With the power that Mark is belting out the lyrics ‘rain down on me’, it was a no brainier, I saw it in my head and needed to have him singing that last chorus in the rain. So we made it rain, yo!”

Receive “Lost”, “Hatred United / United Hate”, “Cause For Alarm”, “The Moth” when you pre-order The Evil Divide digitally via iTunes, Amazon and Google.

The Evil Divide was once again recorded at AudioHammer studios in Sanford, Florida with producer Jason Suecof (TRIVIUM, DEICIDE), who previously worked on 2010’s Relentless Retribution and 2013’s The Dream Calls For Blood. Mastering duties were handled by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound in New York City. Artwork was created by Bob Tyrrell.

Three decades into their celebrated career, DEATH ANGEL remain as hungry as ever.

As a result, uncompromising urgency and unpredictability define the Bay Area thrash quintet’s eighth full-length album, The Evil Divide [Nuclear Blast]. The group—Mark Osegueda [vocals], Rob Cavestany [lead guitar], Ted Aguilar [guitar], Will Carroll [drums], and Damien Sisson [bass]—satiate the appetite for buzzsaw speed riffs, double bass mayhem, and scorching vocals over the course of ten new anthems.

The Evil Divide stands out as the culmination of thirty-plus years of music for DEATH ANGEL. It kicked off with legendary debut, The Ultra-Violence, in 1987. The classic Frolic Through The Park began to cement their legacy and even earned the distinction of landing on Loudwire’s list of the “Top Ten Thrash Albums NOT Released by The Big 4.” The group broke up following 1990’s Act III only to reunite in 2004 on Art of Dying for the next generation.

In 2008, DEATH ANGEL teamed with producer Nick Raskulinecz [Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, Rush, Mastodon] for Killing Season recorded at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606. In 2010, Relentless Retribution boasted a cameo from virtuosos Rodrigo y Gabriela, while 2013’s The Dream Calls For Blood bowed at #72 on the Billboard Top 200, selling 5,400 copies first-week and earning the group’s first-ever entry onto that respective chart.

Beyond continued public praise from the likes of James Hetfield of Metallica and Robb Flynn of Machine Head, the band’s music has popped up everywhere from Carl’s Jr. commercials to Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. Their fire burns brighter than ever in 2016.

More on The Evil Divide:
“Hatred United / United Hate”
“Cause For Alarm” track video
“The Moth” track video
In-studio trailer #1
In-studio trailer #2
In-studio trailer #3
“The Evil Divide” album trailer


Visit DEATH ANGEL online:


Pre-order The Evil Divide here:
Nuclear Blast

New Live MOTÖRHEAD Set ‘Clean Your Clock’ Out Friday, June 10 – Watch ‘Overkill’ Live Video Now

Watch ‘Overkill’ Live Video Now
Clean Your Clock – Live in Munich 2015
One of Lemmy Kilmister’s Final Performances
Available as DVD/BluRay/CD/Vinyl
MOTÖRHEAD‘s recently announced live set Clean Your Clock – featuring one of the band’s final performances together at the Zenith in Munich, Germany – will hit stores on Friday, June 10 via UDR Music. You can pre-order the set in several formats via the links below. Today, you can watch a brand new live concert recording of “Overkill” from Clean Your Clock here:
Pre-order Clean Your Clock here:
Coloured Double Vinyl in Gatefold with Pop-up Art
Standalone Audio CD Jewel Case:
CD / DVD, Gatefold with Pop-up Art:
BluRay / CD, gatefold with Pop-up Art:
Digital Download:
Limited Edition Box Set standard zinc alloy ‘MOTÖRHEAD Forever’ edition:
Limited Edition Box Set Silver / Gold Pin edition exclusive via UDR:
There will be no more MOTÖRHEAD tours because Lemmy is no longer here, and many, many people did not get a chance to hear them one more time on what proved to be their last-ever piece of road work. This makes Clean Your Clock a vitally important release.  It is both a celebration and an epitaph, glorious yet not without melancholy, maintaining the warmth and curve of Motörhead‘s unique live sound.
On November 20 and 21, 2015, at the Zenith in Munich, Germany, UDR made the decision to record – what happened to be the very last live shows ever recorded – and MOTÖRHEADproceeded to deliver two storming sold out shows. Where there had once been almost too-fast breakneck pace, there was measured yet still thunderous rock’n’roll served up only as they could, Phil Campbell playing better and better, and Mikkey Dee elevating the art of drumming to the superlative heights which made him one of metal’s most coveted skinsmen. Lemmy sounds so dialed in, a little mean even (in the best possible way) snarling here and there, cackling when appropriate, and singing in a way which will defy every single pre-conceived expectation you might have had.  Yes, he was fighting ailments.  But no, he was not flimsy or faded, in fact on Clean Your Clock he lays down the marker for all near-70 year olds in terms of wicked bad-assery.
Clean Your Clock is the natural sound of one of rock’n’roll’s mightiest, rarest and most astoundingly excellent beasts – MOTÖRHEAD.  There isn’t a plaudit they haven’t received and there isn’t a plaudit they don’t deserve.  And if there had to be a ‘final’ MOTÖRHEADalbum, perhaps it is fitting that Clean Your Clock, a superb live encapsulation of the band at home, is the one.
So TURN-THIS-UP because as Lemmy himself said, the only way to feel the noise is when it’s good and loud… and remember Lemmy and MOTÖRHEAD in the best possible way!
Clean Your Clock Tracklisting:
Bomber / Stay Clean / Metropolis / When The Sky Comes Looking For You / Over The Top / (Guitar Solo) The Chase Is Better Than The Catch / Lost Woman Blues/ Rock It / Orgasmatron / Doctor Rock / Just ‘Cos You Got The Power/ No Class/ Ace Of Spades/ Whorehouse Blues / Overkill
Watch the new live video for ‘Bomber’ here:

Nashville Music Industry Award-Winner JASMINE CAIN Releases New Album “White Noise” Today via 3Thirteen Music/eOne Music

Order Here | Watch a White Noise Sizzle Reel Here
Featuring Guest Appearances by Jeff Labar (Cinderella), Ralph Saenz (Steel Panther) and More
Today, current Nashville Industry Music Awards (NIMA) Alternative Rock Band of the Year vocalist/bassist and motorcycle rally queen JASMINE CAIN releases her new album White Noise via 3Thirteen Music/eOne Music. You can order White Noise now here. White Noisewas produced by Mills Logan (Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, Toby Keith), Jasmine Cain and Lincoln Parrish (Cage the Elephant), and features JASMINE CAIN members Zach Ballard and Benjamin Johnson on drums and lead guitar, respectively.
White Noise Track Listing:
1. Coming In Hot
2. White Noise
3. Break Even
4. Hole
5. Fools Gold, featuring Jeff Labar (Cinderella)
6. Good Life
7. Into The Grey, featuring Gerry Finn (Killer Dwarfs)
8. Nightingale
9. 1995
10. Any Given Sunday, featuring Jeff Labar (Cinderella)
11. Fall To Rise, featuring Ralph Saenz (Steel Panther) & Charlie Parra Del Riego (Kobra and the Lotus)
This is, by far, JASMINE CAIN‘s strongest album to date. Having self-released four albums prior to White Noise, the songwriting has reached its pinnacle. With so many miles behind and so many miles left to travel, the Sturgis, SD nativehas paved a way for female rockers in the motorcycle culture. As JPF Female Artist of the Year and Nashville’s Music City Mayhem (MCMA) four-time Female Rock Vocalist (in addition to the aforementioned Nashville Industry Music Award), Cain has set the standard and raised the bar. Living her life through her songs and gypsy spirit like a modern day Janis Joplin, she is a ghost on the road sitting next to you as you take your own musical journey.  
Cain states, White Noise was a fun challenge for me because for the first time, we were writing songs together as a band and we only had two weeks to complete the writing process. I’ve never been put under the gun that hard and it forced me to get really focused and stay that way.  My entire life had to be shut off. With that being said, I was very skeptical of the lyrics sound contrived and forced, but much to my surprise, and the surprise of everyone else, the songs happened effortlessly. Only a few times can I remember getting tripped up on a part or lyric and hitting a wall. But I just didn’t force it. I started a new chapter and just wrote something else until that came to me. Most days I was just shooting ideas at the wall, but occasionally we would hit a vein and write two or three songs that day. It was really amazing to be able to do that. You don’t really know if you can until you have no other choice.” 
With four previously self-released albums The Inside (2004), Locks & Keys (2008), Highway Prophet (2011), Modern Day Gypsy (2012)and now White Noise, JASMINE CAIN has sold over 30,000 albums, and gained 5,000 views in the first week of her music video alone. She holds eight JPF awards–the most awards ever to be awarded to any one artist from the JPF Association. Her performances are stadium-quality rock shows to audiences of 1,000-5,000 on average.  
JASMINE CAIN encompasses what a true artist is meant to be, taking the reins as the songwriter, lead vocalist, and bassist for her band. Her songs are emotional, raw, and timeless. Her voice is a mixture of strong, aggressive, soul-filled attitude, while allowing you to feel a slight vulnerability that takes you on an emotional, super-charged ride. You can hear your own life story in every raspy note.  
Her natural ability to capture and hold the attention of her audience has earned her several nationally known tours as the headliner for Easyriders Bike Show & Rodeo Tour for three consecutive years, main act for seven years at the Full Throttle Saloon (which has now become a TruTV series), and the official touring band for Broken Spoke Saloons nationwide.  
JASMINE CAIN and her band are endorsed by S&S Cycle, Epiphone Guitars, Kramer Guitars, Warwick Basses and GHS Strings.
Wach more from JASMINE CAIN here:
“Hole” Official Music Video:
“Nightingale” Music Video:  
“Break Even” Acoustic Session:
“Into The Grey” Acoustic Session:

LAMB OF GOD Awarded RIAA Gold Certification Plaques at Huntington, NY Show

Watch the Award Presentation + Interview:
Tomorrow, Friday, May 20 via Good Day New York
Between 6:30-7:00/8:30-9:00am ET on Fox Channel 5 (NYC)
View Online at Following Broadcast Airing
Photo by Artisan News Service, Scott Sommer 
This past Tuesday, May 17, internationally renowned heavy rock band LAMB OF GOD were awarded RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) gold certification plaques for their breakout 2004 Epic Records release, Ashes Of The Wake. The album was certified gold this past February for sales in excess of 500,000. The plaques were presented by Epic Records Senior Vice President of Marketing Scott Carter to the entire band at the Paramount in Huntington, NY just prior to the band’s sold out performance.
Good Day New York/Fox 5 was present for the award presentation and captured the career-defining moment first-hand. Tomorrow morning (May 20) on Good Day New York between 6:30-7:00 and 8:30-9:00am (in the New York City broadcast area), you can watch LAMB OF GODreceive their plaques and catch an in-depth interview with vocalist Randy Blythe and bassist John Campbell, hosted by anchor Juliet Huddy. The segment will air during the entertainment portion of the broadcast, and if you’re not in New York, you can watch a re-cap of the segment online in the days following the broadcast.
Guitarist Mark Morton offers his thoughts on the RIAA certification: “Wow, a gold record in the US! These types of milestones always leave me astounded. When we started this band in a little Richmond, VA basement, we honestly never even dreamed that we would tour all over the world, see so many places and reach so many people with our music. I remain amazed and humbled when I think about the experiences and opportunities I’ve had the chance to be a part of over the course of our career. It is nothing short of an honor to know that our words and music have touched so many people’s lives. Thank You to the LAMB OF GOD fans… each and every one of you. While this achievement is very special to us, even more cherished is the opportunity to have an outlet for our music and a loyal fan base all over the world that makes us feel at home everywhere we go. Thank you!”
LAMB OF GOD is currently headlining a North American tour with renowned rockers Clutchand heavy metal veterans Corrosion of Conformity. Throughout the tour, LAMB OF GOD will perform at several festivals. See below for all currently confirmed tour dates and visit for tickets and more information.
LAMB OF GOD North American Headline Tour Dates w/ CLUTCH & CORROSION OF CONFORMITY + Spring Festival Performance Dates:
5/19 – Toronto, ON @ TD Echo Beach
5/20 – Schaghticoke, NY @ Schaghticoke Fairgrounds – Rock’n Derby
5/21 – Columbus, OH @ MAPFRE Stadium – Rock on the Range
5/23 – Wichita, KS @ The Cotillion
5/24 – Morrison, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre
5/25 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex
5/27 – Phoenix, AZ @ Comercia Theatre
5/28 – Pomona, CA @ Fox Theater Pomona
5/29 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater
5/31 – Seattle, WA @ WaMu Theater at CenturyLink Field Events
6/1 – Vancouver, BC @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre
6/2 – Penticton, BC @ South Okanagan Events Centre
6/4 – Calgary, AB @ Calgary Stampede Corral
6/5 – Edmonton, AB @ Shaw Conference Centre
6/6 – Saskatoon, SK @ Saskatoon Prairieland Exhibition Park
6/7 – Winnipeg, MB @ Burton Cummings Theatre
6/9 – Milwaukee, WI @ Eagles Ballroom
6/11 – Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival – Bonnaroo 
LAMB OF GOD‘s latest Grammy-nominated full-length album, VII: Sturm Und Drang, is out now. The album scored a #2 first week debut on the Billboard U.S. Top Current Albums chart, #3 on the Top 200, and #1 on both the Rock Album and Hard Rock Album charts. Get your copy ofVII: Sturm Und Drang here: | iTunes | Amazon | Google Play
Richmond, VA natives LAMB OF GOD originally formed in 1994 as Burn The Priest while in college together at Virginia Commonwealth University, initially performing in meagre venues and hocking rough demos amongst the local scene. In 1998, the band changed their moniker to LAMB OF GOD, which would mark their impending ascension to top-tier status, as well as one of the only tangible career deviations that the band would ever undertake – having consistently released chart-topper after chart-topper while maintaining a true and constant line-up of members and increasingly growing fanbase; a rarity in modern music. The band’s first major release, 2000’s New American Gospel, was immediately touted as an instant metal classic. AllMusic stated it best, “The essential signatures of post-Pantera metal are in abundance on Lamb of God’s inaugural album. New American Gospel provides a mighty oak upon which gritty American metal’s faith is maintained, effectively bridging the ’90s’ insistence upon drill-sergeant technicality and the old school’s determined focus on riff construction.”
In 2007, just a short time after putting out monumentally successful releases As The Palaces Burn(Album, 2003, #64 of 200 debut), Ashes of the Wake (Album, 2004, #27 of 200 debut, RIAA Gold), Killadelphia (DVD, 2004, RIAA Platinum), and Sacrament (Album, 2006, #8 of 200 debut), LAMB OF GOD was honored with a Grammy nomination for the track “Redneck”. This would mark the first of four Grammy nominations for the band. After the release of Walk With Me In Hell (DVD, 2008), the second and third Grammy nominations came in 2010 and 2011 for tracks “Set to Fail” and “In Your Words”, both cut from Wrath (CD, 2009, #2 of 200 debut). The fourth nomination arrived for the band’s track “Ghost Walking”, cut from their 2012 album Resolution (CD, #3 of 200 debut). With the release of VII: Sturm Und Drang, the five-piece have proven their lasting consistency by offering another blistering contribution of the highest quality heavy metal – a record that no one other than LAMB OF GOD could truly execute.
Having amassed the globe with countless world tours and millions of albums sold, all-the-while overcoming countless hurdles ranging from personal demons to vocalist Randy Blythe’s 2013 trial in Prague (which resulted in the acclaimed 2014 full-length feature documentary, As The Palaces Burn, and book, Dark Days: A Memoir, authored by the frontman and released in July 2015), LAMB OF GOD stands the test of time as the biggest, most influential heavy metal band of the new millennium.
LAMB OF GOD is Randy Blythe (vocals), Mark Morton (guitar), Willie Adler (guitar), John Campbell (bass), and Chris Adler (drums).
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